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Every single one of our jobs comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed 

Below are some of the services we offer

Changing of outlets and switches (can be done for the entire house)

Electrical Remodel: For the kitchen, bathroom or room addition.

New power: Backyard, landscape or shed. Christmas light outlets on timers.

Doorbell repair: Doorbell ringer and chime. We can also install new "Ring" brand video doorbell. With smartphone video stream and alert.

Pool: Pool pump replacement and pool light replacement. Or sub-panel for your new pool or spa installation.

Ceiling fan installation: New power to new location. Installation of new ceiling fan rated box to hold the weight of the fan.

All lighting: replacement, upgrade, new installation, landscape, kitchen, security, LED recessed lighting, and doing lighting for your entire house.

Trouble shooting: tripping breaker or flickering lights; finding problems and restoring power; and checking electrical lines in walls for shorts. Wire tracing.

We can tune up your Electrical System: Assess your existing wiring, outlets, switches to ensure safe connections. Tighten all connections in your electrical panel. Inform you on any new code changes.

Surge protection for the entire home system: installing surge protectors to protect all electronic devices inside your home in case of a surge.  A surge can damage equipments like TV's, computers, appliances, and air condition.  The unit will be installed insider, near the electrical panel.

All new electric panel upgrade: we'll install a new box, which upgrades the amperage to provide more power to your home; we'll replace new breakers, box, connectors and service lines; and replace the panel to ensure safety to your home.  This is important because sometimes if the breaker trips, the wire will continue to burn, sending electricity to the area, which leads to various hazards.

Rewiring your entire home: we'll install all new wiring for your home; put in new boxes for outlets and switches, dedicated circuits for each room, dedicated circuits in the kitchen, dedicated circuit for the fire alarms that will be interconnected. All will be brought up to the new code requirements. Our goals are to remove faulty old wiring that is a fire hazard, to supply "ground" wire for safety to everyone in the home and to improve the function of breakers inside panel. When you rewire your home, you will also fix the overloading issue (breaker trips when there are too many appliances on).

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