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Sometimes a bad situation gives rise to a good one; sometimes it takes a vast ocean of mediocrity to highlight excellence in an irrefutable fashion.  This is the case for Mr. Ney Triyoes and his destined path to creating First Tri Electric.

Polite, punctual and passionate about his work, Mr. Ney Triyoes has over 12 years of experience as a professional electrician.

Electrical Contractor License #966224

Bonded and Insured

Home Improvement Salesperson

License #98729SP

After years of working for a big electric company, Mr. Triyoes began to question whether his values were congruent with the company.  The company did not seem to share his same passion and pride in the quality of work it produced.  It emphasized numbers and profit, instead of the customers' interests.  


Mr. Triyoes shared his conflicted feelings with me and was worried about his situation he was in. His passion of doing electrical work and training young electricians was no longer appreciated and valued.  He feared that this would not only ultimately lead to the moral of his fellow electricians, but the customer service as well.  As young, under trained electricians are overworked and pushed to their limits, there would naturally be more mistakes in their work, resulting in more dissatisfaction for the customers.  

This attitude greatly impacted Mr. Triyoes' peace of mind.  He confided in me about his desire to re-start his own company, and described how it would be run.  I was so touched and inspired by his idealistic approach that I decided to support him by creating this website for him, a skill at which I am novice at best.

Here are customer testimonials that had received Mr. Triyoes' services and are so wonderfully kind as to share their honest feedbacks to prospective customers.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to give him a "tri."  

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